Since 2015, the Center for Global Public Law (CGPL) has been contributing to the prestigious Oxford Reports of International Law database (ORIL)’s Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Law series. The CGPL team,  composed of undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral and post,-doctoral researchers, has supplied ORIL with comprehensive coverage of all Views issued by the United Nations Human Rights Treaty Bodies since 2014, as well as some decisions from 2013. As of January 2017, the CGPL team of Oxford Human Rights Law Reporters (OxHRLR) has supplied close to one hundred headnotes to ORIL. The headnotes cover Views rendered by eight UN Committees with a mandate to adjudicate individual communications:

The headnotes are published on the Oxford Reports of International Law database (ORIL- click here to access ORIL database). Professor  Başak Çalı heads the editorial team as Editor-in-Chief, with Dr. Valentina Azarova , Dr. Alexandre Skander Galand and Assistant Professor Zeynep Elibol Brönneke as Associate Editors.

Thanks to the unique expertise acquired in reporting on and analysing UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies’ jurisprudence, the OxHRLR team is also engaged in academic blogging on UNHRL case law. Published on the CGPL’s blog, the posts analyse new jurisprudential trends, reflect on challenges, compare the UN’s case law with that of regional courts and domestic bodies, and unpack specific Views and their impact on international human rights law.

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Since 2016, CGPL is also providing a collection of selected Turkish translations and a brief analysis of each View’s significance. Since Türkiye is a State party of nine out of ten United Nations Human Rights Conventions, our hope with these translations is to bring the United Nations human rights system closer to home.

As of now, the views and accompanying analyses we have translated are:

1. R. P. B v. Filipinler – Değerlendirme

2. X v. Arjantin – Değerlendirme

3. TBB-Berlin Brandenburg Türkiye Toplumu – Değerlendirme

4. Jasin v. Danimarka – Değerlendirme

5. C.S. v. İsviçre – Değerlendirme

6. M.S. v. Filipinler – Değerlendirme

7. B.L. v. Avustralya – Değerlendirme