The Center for Global Public Law jointly with PluriCourts of the University of Oslo, the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM)Montaigne Centre at Utrecht University and the Human Rights Centre at Ghent University and Hertie School of Governance organised a seminar at the European Court of Human Rights entitled ‘Responding to Legitimacy Challenges: Opportunities and Choices for the European Court of Human Rights’.

The seminar enabled researchers of the European Human Law across Europe to meet the judges of the European Court of Human Rights in an informal setting. Shortlisted from over eighty applications, eight researchers presented the results of their research to the judges of the European Court of Human Rights on the themes of the doctrine of subsidiarity and legitimacy challenges, dialogue and relations with national judges and remedies and compliance with the judgments of the Court. Panels on each paper received comments from one of the participating judges of the Court. The seminar concluded with three judges and a senior member of the registry offering their reflections on the findings of the research presented during the seminar as ‘key note’ listeners.

The seminar offered a unique opportunity for researchers and the members of the Court to reflect on the insider and outsider perspectives on the contemporary legitimacy challenges of and legitimacy enhancing opportunities for the European Court of Human Rights.