Center for Global Public Law at Koc University and the Human Right Centre of the University of Essex are very pleased to publish an Annotated Compilation of Case Law surveying the effects of international human rights law on other branches of public international law alongside a bibliography focusing on the relationship between human rights and international law. The Annotated Compilation of Case Law surveys the effects of international human rights law as fundamental principles, as a list of rights and as a source of interpretive doctrines in fifty cases spanning across five core branches of public international law: international investment law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law, international trade law and international environmental law.

The cases included in the Annotated Compilation of Case Law seeks to capture the diversity of the range of interpretive effects that international human rights law has on other branches of international law. These include providing a humanised interpretation of international law, enabling of systematic interpretation, contributing to the progressively development of another branch, filling normative gaps in another branch, and displacing existing standards or doctrines in another branch.

We hope that the reader acts as a source for international law researchers and practitioners of international law, who are interested in investigating the diverse functions of international human rights law and jurisprudence in other fields of international law and promoting the further entrenchment of human rights in international law.

We thank the Advanced Newton Fellowship of the British Academy for their support.




Başak Çalı
Lorna McGregor
Alexandre Skander Galand
Zeynep Elibol Brönneke
Valentina Azarova
Betül Durmuş
Irina Crivet